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DOX INTERNATIONAL SERVICES, INCORPORATED was established, initially, to complement the immigration services of the Canadian Immigration Consultancy. At first, it functioned as an outsourcing arm, processing documents of CIC’s immigration applicants. But with the organization’s technical capacity and advanced infrastructure, DISI began operating as an individual body with core business in document imaging, data storing and internet-based processing with clear-cut advantages against expensive competitors.

DISI’s experience in servicing affiliate companies earned it a competitive edge against its competitors and continued to provide value-added documentation processing services to a large and diversified market base. The company utilizes advanced systems and technology to provide a cost-effective, efficient and worry-free outsourcing service, in forms processing, imaging, data entry, database management and back file conversion while ensuring the utmost integrity, accuracy and security in all documents handled.

An organization performing in accordance with the highest standards of documents processing and employing knowledgeable and skilled personnel who are efficient, trustworthy and innovative in providing services to all clients.

To become the leading documents processing company locally and internationally, offering full solutions to clients’ information processing needs.


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