Document Management with Peace of Mind

DISI shares your organization’s concern for keeping documents secure. Today, many organizations find themselves in ever-increasing competitive markets. We understand challenges must be overcome at breakneck speed, while keeping strict focus on your core business.

DISI can remove the challenge of document storage and retrieval for your organization. We deliver peace of mind with safe, secure, reliable services that help build profit.

Confidentiality of Information

Security not only includes documents and/or records but our personnel as well. Records entering or leaving the facility need management approval.

DISI employs procedures that are in place throughout the processing phase to assure that all work is completed effectively. All documentation is tracked and accounted for. When documents are received, it is logged in, assigned a storage number, counted, and assigned batch numbers prior to being processed. This provides us with the ability to track, identify, and verify the production process.

We maintain the most stringent standards of data and document security. All database application software files are backed up off-site. Firewalls are in place for the safe and secure transfer of data - both from clients to us and among various locations. Our facility is designed to comply with the special requirements of clients who require the highest level of security.

DISI employees have gone through security and background checks to ensure confidentiality. All employees must sign employment agreements, which include Confidentiality of information and Consent to Conduct Background Investigation.

Accuracy and Quality, Combined

DISI affords great importance to quality and data accuracy. We guarantee our clients with the highest level of accuracy. We make this possible by maintaining stringent checks on client data at all times during the keying process. Thus, we are able to achieve and maintain higher accuracy rates on single key entry work. In the area of quality control, we have specific edits and validation tables that are customized by our experienced programmers.

All processing procedures are overseen by experienced premises managers. They are responsible for the final quality assurance of data. Special quality control checks designed specifically for each project are utilized in addition to the quality control procedures that are in place during processing. These supplemental checks, coupled with professional account management, further ensure data integrity, quality, accuracy and dependability.


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